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For 20 years, Ballot has helped clients perform risk assessments and risk assessment workshops more effectively and efficiently. That’s why it’s world famous. In fact, hundreds of clients across the globe use Resolver Ballot, including 9 out of 10 of the top consulting firms, to transform their risk assessment workshops and optimize group decision-making.

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Instantly vote on impact, likelihood, control effectiveness or any other criteria, in the boardroom or across the globe via web-based voting.

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Build consensus.

Focus your discussion on areas with low consensus, then vote again and automatically see the changes.

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Generate heat maps.

Visualize your data in a way that gives you the insights you need. Using a powerful and configurable heat map, plot your risks across multiple variables so that you can make informed decisions that drive appropriate responsive actions.


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Feature Benefit

Anonymous Voting

Votes are captured either from a wireless keypad, mobile phone, or computer. Anonymous votes allow participants to honestly and candidly express their opinions, even in a room where their view is not popular.

Rapid, pre-built Reports

Ballot contains over 15 different commonly used Risk Management and Decision making reports, including Heat Maps, Bubble Charts, Voter distributions and many more. Save time with pre-built industry standard reports. All reports are generated live with voting data, so analysis and discussion can occur immediately after or even during the voting.

Remote Voting

Vote using iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or any computer. No need for specialized hardware. Include remote participants who cannot travel to the meeting. Vote on any web enabled device and get the same benefit as in-room participation.

Risks Don’t Occur in Insolation!

Ballot contains a feature call Relationship Modeling. Using paired comparison Ballot generates a map of the relationships between topics or risks. This model can demonstrate the interconnection between risks and enable the group or risk manager to see the way each risk event impacts another. This has particular value when the vote (impact or likelihood) is overlaid on top of the model.

Configurable Heat Map

Ballot features a powerful and configurable risk heat map to display voting results. The heat map can be used to quickly plot Impact, Likelihood, Control Effectiveness and more. The heat map is designed for presentation to Senior Management or the Board, so they’ll look great, export easily to your presentation, and you’ll save an enormous amount of time compared to building your own heat maps.

Multi Series Charting

Built into the heat map, bar chart and line chart is the ability to plot multiple series and compare their values. Use multiple series to demonstrate the difference between inherent and residual risk, or to compare Risk to Control Effectiveness, or contrast current assessments against risk tolerance or risk appetite.

“The key to a successful ERM program is running effective ERM workshops.”

– John Fraser, Senior Vice President, Internal Audit and Chief Risk officer of Hydro One Networks Inc.

“The new online version of Resolver Ballot Voting software worked flawlessly and impressed our workshop participants with the speed and efficiency. It also fit in well with our firm’s recent introduction of using iPads for meetings.”

– Michael Murphy, Director, Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk, Enersource.