GRC Software

Resolver’s GRC application suite, enables organizations to enhance the effective management of their business through efficient management of regulatory compliance, internal audit, risk identification and assessment, control evaluation, testing, attestation and reporting for all areas of corporate governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Meeting or exceeding the expectations of boards, shareholders, regulators, customers and employees means solving specific immediate compliance and risk-related challenges while deriving the strategic benefits of enterprise-wide integrated GRC.

GRC Suite comprises three applications that may be used separately or in any combination.

  • GRC Cloud – Enterprise wide repository and reporting application for risk, compliance and business performance
  • Resolver*Ballot – Industry-leading risk control self assessment workshop application, enabling anonymous voting and candid discussion of risk management issues
  • Resolver Survey – Survey and risk workshop system for identifying and prioritizing risks by individual or group assessment across the enterprise

GRC Suite’s integrated approach removes many barriers to implementing solutions and unlocking the value of GRC for the whole enterprise. GRC Suite provides abilities to harmonize planning, drive multiple methodologies and conduct sophisticated risk modeling across business lines and functional groups.

Resolver enables organizations to rapidly implement GRC software solutions in specific parts of their business, adapting to each business unit’s specific needs, while retaining the ability to achieve global aggregation of risk data. Thus, many GRC Suite customers start with just one pressing demand, such as Vendor Risk Management, Sustainability, IT Governance, or PCI compliance, then later transition into ERM, internal audit, performance management and enterprise compliance to leverage the natural overlaps.